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What is Folksprak?

Folksprak is the name of a project that aims to construct an inter-Germanic zonal auxlang, a language that can be easily understood by any speaker of a Germanic language (a group numbering over 465 million native speakers with an additional 300 to 900 million speaking English as a second language) without ever having learned it. You don't believe that's possible? Here's an example: if you are a (native) speaker of English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Afrikaans, Yiddish or some other Germanic language (see a [[wp>List_of_Germanic_languages|complete list]]) there's a great chance that you will know what a sentence like „Ek hav skrivt en buk“ is supposed to mean.

Folksprak is not meant to be designed by any one individual, but rather a collective work created by all interested parties; so you're welcome to participate.

Why another damn Wiki?

Good question! But the answer is quite simple: other than the two already existing wikis and most other resources, this one is not about a specific dialect of Folksprak. Instead, it intends to gather and structure ideas, considerations and all the different proposals for an inter-Germanic auxlang, in order to compare them and to name their advantages and disadvantages. The hope is that this leads to a solid base for making rational and fair decisions about specific parts of the language so that in the end there should be a conclusion that most parties can agree with. Maybe a little bit naïve, but I think that it is worth giving it a try.

Goals of the project

Folksprak shall be constructed as a language that is:

  1. intelligible with little or no training to Germanic speakers
  2. simple enough for ease of learning to write or speak about normal topics
  3. precise enough to deal with more complex topics (e.g. science, maybe philosophy)

where the importance descends from first to last


Linguistic subjects

  • [[Phonology and orthography]]
  • Grammar
    • [[Declension]]
    • [[Conjugation]]
    • [[Attributes]]
    • [[Word order]]
    • [[POS marking]]
  • Vocabulary
    • [[Guidelines for word formation]]
    • [[Word functions]]
    • [[Pronouns]]
    • [[Adpositions]]
    • [[Conjunctions]]
    • [[Numbers]]
    • [[Colours]]
    • [[Wordlist]]
    • [[Habitual Expressions]]

Other content

  • [[words|Concept Collection]]
  • [[References]]
  • [[Sample texts]]
  • [[Protocols]]
  • [[Notepad]]

Other Resources


Old or out of date

Other projects

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