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Concept collection

The Wiki houses a collection of articles, which shall serve as a database for so called concepts, i.e. a more abstract view on a word. One can take a look at a typical example in order to get an idea about it.

Finding concept articles

That's a little hassle at the moment...

The search function of the wiki located at the top right position is quite helpful for that. Just type in a word which you suppose to be in a concept article and pick a search result which is labeled with the prefix "concept:".

However sometimes the search function is not the right tool. Maybe the Sitemap can help in such cases.

Guidelines for editing


One shall strictly abide to the syntax so that the external parser tool can sync the data


Languages are specified by their ISO-639-2 Code (complete list).

The inofficial code flk is used for Folksprak.


The words in the translations sections shall appear in the following forms according to the type of the concept:

  • verbs: infinitive
  • nouns: singular nominative
  • attributes: unflected
  • prepositions: directive absolute (e.g. "out" instead of "outside", "outer", etc.)

Currently many articles do not fulfill this guideline. Feel free to correct them!

Translations to Folksprak

When adding suggestions for translations of concepts to Folksprak, please regard the Vocabulary Principles!

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